Updated28/06/2017 18:30 

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Peebles Weather - Ship Tracking / AIS

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Ignore low humidity and Dew Point values. Something wrong with the sensor.
Daytime temperatures are in direct sunlight so may be higher than official air temperature values.

Warnings and solar data not updating. Currently under investigation. (27th Oct 2016)

2017/06/28 17:20 EGPH 281720Z 06014KT 9999 BKN033 13/08 Q1005
12.7°C 0.0 mm 0.0 mm 0.0 mm 3.5 mph 6.0 mph 1001.0 hPa 75% X-Ray Solar Flare Level
Planetary K-Index
Planetary K-Index History
Station Warn Rain Snow Flood Wind Ltng Heat Cold Glob Moon Temp Rain 1h Rain Wed Rain 24h Wind 10m Gust Pressure Hum Proton Levels

0.279 m Waxing Crescent Cool F1-ESE F:74 A:5 Kp:1 SSN:17

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